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There are a number of ways you can contribute to this project, if you like.

Help with content

If you have suggestion, noticed a typo, a factual error, something has been changed/fixed/updated since writing, or want to expand on a subject, you can eitgher drop us a mail at, or do a pull request on GitLab, as long as this project goes public there, which should be soon.

Help with costs

You might have noticed there are no advertisements onthese pages (that being The Way of Debian, the parent site The Way of Linux might or might not display adverts at the tme of access). This is to keep things clean and readable. Besides, the author hates ads as much as you do.

That said, running a site has its financial cost, from domain names, through web hosting to the time it requires to write all this material. If you are serious about helping, you can do either via paypal, or by sending a small amount of crypto my way.


You can either use the Donate button in the sidebar, or visit the author's link. (Please note, the latter defaults to Hungarian Forints (HUF), this might needs adjusting.)

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  • NEO - Soon

  • Others - Ask

All donations are very much appreciated, and will be spent on maintaining/improving this website

Help with exposure

Cannot/don't want to/can't afford to write, or help out? It' scool, you can do a lot by spreading the word on social media, on forums, a news agregators, your grandma's church group, anywhere you like. Exposure s as imprtant as anything.

Help with anything you fancy

None of that? Fine. You can get creative, from baknig cakes, to buying priate jets or small islands, anything will be appreciated.

Or don't help at all

You don't actually have to, you know. Not like we care anyway...