About The Way of Debian

The Way of Debian is a Way of Linux project, that aims to convert non-believers into using Debian GNU/Linux as their main operating system. Easy-to-use tutorials, illustrative screenshots, and non technological descriptions and explanations are utilised in order to make it easier to digest.

The Way of Debian is made with the intent to make transitioning to Linux, and especuially Debian, as easy and painless and possible. Laying down a solid foundation can be important for further learning, avoiding mistakes, and reaping all the benefits linux, and Debian itself can offfer, right from day one.

About the author

The author of these articles, images (and all those clever captions) is a long-time Linux user, former IT professional, who currently writes for a living. This project is his way of contributing and "giving back" to the Linux community in a small way. You can learn more about the author here.

Image licences

So screenshot licensing is a little more interestng. The Debian installer has a n option to make screenshots while installing, and htese images are co nsidered derivatie works, and should be licensed accordingly. There is a short explanation of this on the Debian Wiki here. then they send you to a link, which is supposed to tell you more about this, but which is really only a link to some mailing list item (see here). If you feel none the wiser, you're not alone.

The thing is, you can read through Debian's license pages f you dare, and figure t out if you can.

The Way of Debian uses precisely one (1) screenshot taken from the installer (it is also marked as such), the rest were creasted using other tools, while Debian was being installed in virtual machines. Where exactly it leaves us licensing-wise... I cannot tell. To be safe, treat all images here that have anyhting to do with Debian just the same. (If anyone knows what that actually means, or if I'm obliged to include some more legal text here, please drop me a line and let me know. It will be much appreciated.)

All other images are the author's own screenshots, and are licensed as below, unless expliticly stated otherwise.

Licensing notes

It's already written in the sidebar, but on case you were wondering...

The Way of Debian by Attila Orosz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Which of course does not apply to the images, just as stated above.